Monday, April 13, 2009

hairstyle by molly wooten

Hot layered hairstyle trends


If you have ever wanted to have a sedu hairstyle, you should look up the layered hairstyles and see which one you would like for yourself. Fortunately, layered hairstyles can be easily adapted to all lengths of hair with equal ease.

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Depending upon your face shape, you could easily adopt any hairstyle from among the hundreds super-stylish layered hairstyles for short, medium and long hairstyle and look drop-dead gorgeous instantly.


A little spikiness is all that is needed for anyone who has a round face here and oval faces gain length with the layered hairstyles.

2009 hot hair color trends


 Take off coats, hats, beanies, scarves, berets or whatever you were wearing all spring long and show off your beautiful healthy hair. You already know about main hairstyle trends for 2009 and now it’s time you found out the hair colors to rule this year!

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Well, there’s not much new stuff to think of. Generally, traditional hair colors remain dominant with slight changes added to make hair color trends this year which is different from the previous one’s.

Hair tips for women


When shampooing, wet your hair by putting your head under the stream of water and work the water into the hair with straight downward strokes.


Pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, not onto your head, and begin working it into your hair ends, moving up toward the crown of your head.


When you are ready to rinse, put your head under the stream of water and work the shampoo out of your hair with straight, downward motions of your hands. Don forget to keep your hair straight and untangled at all times.

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