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Bentley Breaking Record On Ice

Bentley Breaking Record On Ice

Bentley Breaking Record On Ice

When you know that Juha Kankkunen and Bentley was succeeded to set a new speed record on ice in the coast of Finland, of course you would love to see the action. Watching a race ready Continental Supersports Convertible run for just 20 centimeters in Baltic Sea ice might be something that you might dream everyday. I know it is a good news, Bentley has been so generous to us that they will slip the world by sharing the moment on the record smashing, with the sky, ice, and cockpit angles.

Kankkunen has broke the previous ice speed record that he created himself in 2007 with 199.83 mph. At this moment, the champion of the World Rally was running in the coast with over 200 mph barrier but just barely missed his mark. He can reach a top speed of 205.48 mph, and yes, a new record has been created.

Beside the set of winter tires for the ice track, a couple of aero additions, and some safety kit, the more interesting thing is that the Continental Supersports Convertible car which is used by Kankkunen to create a new record was actually a bone stock machine.

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BMW 2012 1 Series Spotted

BMW 2012 1 Series Spotted

Another spyshot from autoblog has managed to spotted another handful photos of the upcoming BMW 1 series as you see above. While it will be debuted in 2012, it is understandable that the details are still very limited today. However, the new shots will give you a further view on what you may expect when the car comes to the production version when it lands in showrooms.

If you pay attention to its sideview mirrors, it might be an indication for the first turn signals which is integrated in it from BMW. Beside that, the square angel eye headlights from BMW seems to find their way to come onto the street. For the interior, BMW is adding some color to the cabin with some splashes of red stitching and some dash accent. This 1 Series car will also has a pop up navigation screen.

At the moment, the words on what will show up under the hood is still very few, but there is some reports that there will be a particular machine with 2.0 liter diesel and an eight speed automatic transmission. Moreover, the car was also spotted to running the test with two xDrive vehicles and an Audi A4, so you can expect an all wheel drive for this.

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Motor Trend Comparing Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan

Motor Trend Comparing Ford, Chevrolet, And Nissan

Motor Trend is trying to compare the best budget supercar. They are comparing three of them which is considered as the best on its class. Those cars were Ford’s 2011 Shelby GT500, Chevrolet’s 2011 Corvette Z06, and Nissan’s 2012 GT-R. The total power distributed here is 1,585 horsepower, while the total cost is $ 244,290.

However, the comparison is not about the dollar spends, because Motor Trend want to know on which of them might be the best sub $ 100,000 performer. Nissan’s 2012 GT-R is able to bring 530 horsepower from the turbocharged 3.8 liter V6. Ford’s 2011 GT500 was delivering 550 horses with its 5.4 liter V8 engine, while the 7.0 liter from Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is able to produce 505 horsepower.

Ford Shelby GT500 is of course represents its best price offering with its $ 55,330 with the tested price tag. Both the Z06 and GT-R with $ 98,010 and $ 90,950 respectively, will certainly offering another level of performance from Ford’s with the relative bargain. Motor Trend was brought those three supercar to the drag track and the Street of Willow road course. You might already guess who will be the winner, but the video is still fun to watch. You can watch the drag race from YouTube here.

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Chevrolet MyLink Compete With Ford Sync And Toyota Entune

Chevrolet MyLink Compete With Ford Sync And Toyota Entune

Finally, General Motors is bringing the war of the smartphone to their Ford with the Chevrolet MyLink. It is an integrated system of infotainment. The feature will connect to your smartphone to allow you accessing your apps either from your steering wheel controls, or the touchscreen console.

They are officially announce it tonight at Engadget show. Chevrolet MyLink will have some similar functions to the Toyota’s Entune system which is recently revealed, and Ford’s AppLink. MyLink connects to your BlackBerry or Android smartphones gadget via Bluetooth and allowing you to access it wirelessly. If you are iOS device users, you can even use it by plugging it in via USB.

At this moment, MyLink can only work with Stitcher and Pandora radio, while the other apps will be released later this year. There are two models from Chevrolet which will be the first to be equipped with this new system, Chevrolet Volt and Equinox. Beside the voice control functionality from nuance, both of the cars will also has inductive charging system from PowerMat to ensure that your gadget won’t be running out of fuel. The pricing is still unknown, but you can expect MyLink to be available next month.

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Subaru FT-86 Spotted Ahead Of Geneva

Subaru FT-86 Spotted Ahead Of Geneva

Subaru has announced previously that they are planning to debut the new version of rear wheel drive FT 86 concept at Geneva Motor Show next month. I think that this joint venture between Subaru and Toyota is one of the highly anticipated car dbuts this year. Even the car which will be shown in Switzerland is still in a concept tag, I hope that it will give us some clear glimpse on how will the production car be.

The picture above shows when the car is out for testing. While we are labeling the Toyobaru as a coupe, the latest photos seems like a hatchback vehicle. There is some deck in the back. Moreover, the bodywork also loosk similar to the evaluation mule which we have seen a couple of time in the last couple years, but it is still unknown as the bodywork was in camouflage.

Anyway, you can still expect a 2.0 liter turbocharged flat four engine under its hood which is able to provide 260 horsepower. Subaru will doing all out on this new all wheel car (the rear wheel drive has been confirmed by the automaker).

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